From exercise books to loose sheets, KUB has drawn since a boy. A native of Lille in Northern France, he was interested in the art of painting from the very start and the great Rembrandt, the master of the chiaroscuro, was then his most favourite inspiration. Since then he has collated his own observational sketches and filed a lot of photographs taken at random along the way.

The beginning of the eighties marked the arrival of a new era of cinema. One of anticipation and science fiction of which, like many fifteen year olds, he got deeply hooked especially the film Blade Runner. This then became an exciting source of inspiration to KUB. He discovered the meaning of the film director Ridley Scott and was fascinated by the clever, gloomy work of Hans R Giger. The vegetable and organic composition from Antoni Gaudi as well as the Art Nouveau and drawings of Hector Guimard also captured his imagination. He continued his notebooks of sketches with clear lines and went on to study a curriculum in fine arts.

In 1989, KUB decided to settle in Paris to take lessons at Phillipe Bérino‘s studio. The apprenticeship was plethoric, being both academic (sketches, perspective, nudes, still life…creative) and experimental (sculpture, collage, silkscreen painting, happening…). The same year, he prepared for competitive exams at the “Ecoles supérieures des Arts Décoratifs” in both Paris and Strasbourg. Incessantly finding himself in museums both sketching and observing, he found a compelling interest in the matter and compositions of animal carcasses especially from the likes of Chaïm Soutine.

The nineties marked the arrival of the computer revolution to the publishing business and, being impressed by the potential of the new media it provided, he entered into the ever-exciting area of Art Director, both in advertising agency and advertiser.

At the beginning of this century, because of his job, he had the opportunity to travel a lot. KUB discovered NYC several times, in the company of renowned photographers and designers. He got a passion for Andy Warhol’s factory, along with the underground and subversive counterculture of the sixties and seventies. He continued experimenting with his art, forever evolving using superimposed collages and scans. He became a total fan for the painter Jean Michel Basquiat and the photographer jean Baptiste Mondino, of whom he worked twice with a few years later.

He had found a personal and consistent style emerging from the whole of his creative work and after this long phase of gestation, he started showing his work for the first time. His works have been perceived as amazing and unclassifiable. Compositions, contrasts and impact of colour, these are all characteristics found in the mastery of his style.

By an effect of zones and coats the matrix takes shape and the imagery turns out spectacularly. The digital picture is printed on milfoil on which lines and shapes, carried out by hand, are superimposed. We are at the boundary where photography becomes graphic design.

We are excited about KUB as an artist both now and in the future!