Greg Verhaeghe attended commercial studies in Belgium and after, when in Sydney, went to the KVB Institute of Technology, to learn about and practice photography.
When he came back to France, he was fortunate to get into the music business, and as a photographer worked for some well-known music labels such as Universal and Blue Note. This gave him the inspiration and knowledge of the media in which he chose both in his work and art for the future.

Now, he works as a fashion photographer, which gives him the platform and interest of what his art is all about at this moment. His personal focus and approach to his photo art is nothing more than captivatingly genius. You do not get tired of looking at his masterpieces day in, day out seeing the attention to detail and the difference in perception it attracts!

Greg is a private man aiding him to be a true perfectionist when working on his portrait art and treats every piece quite personally. His art gets you to think of your own relation to your own image and to figure and feel the representation of humans in general.

A true exciting artist forever evolving!